128T 4.5 Release Notes

Release 4.5.2

Issues Fixed

  • I95-34650 In a multihop SVR scenario, the system may incorrectly attribute incoming packets as coming from a different peer path. This results in packet loss until the load-balancer learns of the loss and migrates the session.

    Symptom: Show peers will show the physically disconnected peer as UP while in this state.

  • I95-35927 When deleting a VLAN network interface and simultaneously assigning its VLAN ID to the only other remaining network interface on the same device interface, future operational state changes on that interface may be ignored.

  • I95-36540 Session expiry logic algorithm was inefficient causing latency in session setup.

  • I95-36873 Alarms generated by a router in an authority are incorrectly sent as SNMP traps from all other routers in the authority.

  • I95-37197 Configuration validation will now fail if you configure overlapping session-type ranges within the same protocol.

  • I95-37269 Session may not recover correctly after path migration for outbound only connections.

  • I95-37304 Automatic installation recovery procedure can inadvertenty terminate an in-process upgrade resulting in a 128T system not being able to boot.

  • I95-37308 Upgrade to 4.5.1 or Rollback can create multiple defunct salt-minion processes.

  • I95-37325 Asset state may incorrectly state connected after node failover.

  • I95-37338 When connection resiliency is enabled, the salt-minion on managed routers can intermittently disconnect.

  • I95-37341 Support for Azure Accelerated Networking MT27710 ConnectX-4 LX Virtual Function device.

  • I95-37359 reachability-detection tcp establishment metric incorrectly increments close-before-establishment.

  • I95-37402 The output of show stats is missing from tech-support-info.

  • I95-37436 When a sub-tenant is removed from the configuration, and the sub-tenant has a parent tenant used in a service access-policy, the sub-tenant may remain in the FIB.

  • I95-37442 The summary is missing from PCLI ping and service-ping.

  • I95-37477 An exception is thrown in the PCLI when issuing tab complete for capture-filter command.

  • I95-37512 Starting the PCLI prior to the 128T starting may produce an error message.

    Symptom: % Error: Unhandled ConnectionError: ('Connection aborted.', RemoteDisconnected('Remote end closed connection without response',))

  • I95-37513 Network interface cards that do not respond to physical stats may result in system lockup.

  • I95-37518 An aborted configuration commit operation can result in a system fault when processing traffic.

  • I95-37523 Querying the router asset state from the conductor can cause the asset state to remain in its current state perpetually.

  • I95-37531 RTT reported by PCLI ping is incorrectly dividing result by 1000.

  • I95-37550 A possible race condition causes the next-hop ARP state to be incorrect between HA nodes of a router, potentially causing traffic to fail.

  • I95-37576 Waypoints that are configured for outbound-only may experience one way traffic in session migration scenarios if the session on the public side expires, but the session on the private side still exists.

  • I95-37588 Value for configure > authority > router > system > software-update > repository > address uses the first lexigraphically sorted router for all other routers in authority instead of using a unique value per router.

  • I95-37597 Data structure for FIB has been redesigned to increase memory utilization by 45%.

  • I95-37617 Linux-based save-tech-support-info may not capture event history.

  • I95-37693 A race condition exists when retransmitting BGP over SVR packets causing a fault in the highway.

  • I95-37696 Users that have not previously logged in are unable to login when configured to use LDAP.

  • I95-37697 LDAP authentication fails for users that contain a '.' in their name.

Release 4.5.1

New Features and Improvements

  • I95-33193 "About This System" within the GUI will display additional information if it is a container ("128T-docker") or if installed with a 128T OTP ISO.

  • I95-35319 "Managed Reports" (Custom Report factory defaults) are now shipped with the product.

  • I95-36112 Q-in-Q VLAN stacking

Issues Fixed

  • I95-18807 Removed a benign error displayed in journal due to imudp module loaded by rsyslog daemon.

    Symptoms: The following message can be seen in the journal:

    rsyslogd[1337]: imudp: module loaded, but no listeners defined - no input will be gathered [v8.24.0 try http://www.rsyslog.com/e/2212 ]

  • I95-32660 Log files were only rotated daily which may result in larger than expected log file size for the following: saltmaster, radvd, influxdb_http, t128tuntap.

  • I95-33471 Adaptive encryption counters are incorrectly incremented when encryption is disabled and adaptive-encryption is enabled.

  • I95-33989 Terminating a "validate" command with CTRL-c returns to the PCLI prompt but does not stop the in-progress validation. This prevents subsequent validation attempts until the in-progress validation completes in the background.

    Symptom: The following can be seen in the PCLI output:

    ✖ Validating...
    % Error: Candidate configuration is invalid:
    1. A request of type validate is already in progress. The first request was started 13 seconds ago.

    Until the system is upgraded to 4.5.1, this issue will resolve itself after the background tasks have completed.

  • I95-35111 No active NTP server alarm erroneously generated when 128T can successfully reach a provisioned NTP server.

    Conditions: When multiple NTP servers are configured, at least one is reachable and at least one is not reachable.

  • I95-35331 A custom chart that contains multiple line charts selects the incorrect graph when clicking on the corresponding legend.

  • I95-35406 Shutdown race condition may cause improper DHCP server clean up, causing DHCP server to fail on next start of 128T.

  • I95-35544 LTE SIM number (ICCID) is absent from the output of show device-interface on LTE interfaces.

  • I95-35933 show device-interface displays incorrect values for speed and duplex for PPPoE interfaces.

  • I95-36050 Race condition on HA Conductor may incorrectly report pending configuration changes when no changes exist.

    Until the system is upgraded to 4.5.1, this issue can be mitigated by applying a configuration change.

  • I95-36212 Fixed an issue where some Automated Provisioner actions would fail silently or return an error.

    Symptom: The following message can be seen in the journal:

    "state.highstate" is running as PID 29159 and was started at 2020, Jul 09 14:26:54.384868 with jid 20200709142654384868

  • I95-36246 IMSI and MSISDN are absent from the output from show platform on systems with LTE interfaces.

  • I95-36341 Race condition can occur when receiving a BGP packet destined for the 128T during startup without a fully populated FIB, causing a system fault.

  • I95-36351 User without admin privileges cannot change their password.

  • I95-36358 Currently downloading version in the asset state would persist after a download has completed.

    Until the system is upgraded to 4.5.1, this issue can be mitigated by restarting the salt-minion service by executing systemctl restart salt-minion in the Linux shell. If not manually restarted, the salt-minion watchdog will also restart the salt-minion after one hour.

  • I95-36404 Highway process fails to start on Ubuntu distribution.

    Symptom: 128T running in a container will fail to initialize when the container is running on Ubuntu distributions. The following can be seen within highway.log:

    Execute StdErr was ‘sysctl: cannot stat /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/default/optimistic_dad: No such file or directory’

  • I95-36416 Navigating to the DNS Config page under a router in GUI edit configuration results in error.

    Until the system is upgraded to 4.5.1, this issue can be mitigated by configuring dns-config via the PCLI.

  • I95-36536 Deleting a session-capture filter within the PCLI can cause the highway process to fault.

  • I95-36537 Dynamic session-captures are now created with a default session count of 100 instead of unlimited.

  • I95-36564 Buffer queue depth allocation algorithm was inefficient causing latency in session setup.

  • I95-36574 After an HA interface fail over, a session collision can occur between the recovered flow and an existing reverse flow. The recovered flow does not get set up properly and can cause the highway process to fault upon session expiry.

    Conditions: Symmetrical services must be configured that match both forward and reverse flows.

  • I95-36591 Using connected route redistribution causes routes to be re-advertised or flapped, resulting in packet loss.

  • I95-36604 Debug tables within the GUI do not honor the node selector.

  • I95-36608 network-interface > management is not configurable when device-interface > type is not explicitly configured.

  • I95-36632 Empty Office365 metadata file results in HTTP 400 bad request error.

  • I95-36638 Polling SNMP OID returns NET-SNMP-TC::linux instead of T128-MIB::t128NetworkingPlatform (

  • I95-36645 Bytes converter in the GUI does not handle values larger than Terabyte (TB), leaving value in bytes.

  • I95-36646 SVR Savings page automatically refreshes, resetting router selector.

  • I95-36672 Deleting all session-capture filters on a device-interface with active traffic can cause the highway process to restart.

  • I95-36727 A non-forwarding, external (i.e. management) interface configured in 128T does not obtain a DHCP IP upon disconnecting and reconnecting the cable.

  • I95-36770 Salt minion log file was not being properly rotated.

  • I95-36779 Clarified Template Import Error Message to properly indicate advanced mode templates cannot be imported in basic mode.

  • I95-36780 SNMP Traps are incorrectly sent for routers in maintenance mode when peer path goes down.

  • I95-36832 Erroneous restart required alarm raised during configuration change when restart is not needed.

  • I95-36841 TCP RST can cause the highway process to fault on a SVR path performing UDP transform.

  • I95-36850, I95-36851 An asset's available and downloaded versions are incorrectly cleared when an upgrade or rollback is initiated.

  • I95-36866 When adding an access policy in a service in the GUI, the tenant drop down list comes up empty on the first try.

    Until the system is upgraded to 4.5.1, this issue can be mitigated by canceling out and repeating the operation again. The list will be fully populated on subsequent attempts.

  • I95-36872 Azure-based Accelerated Networking Interfaces may fail to reinitialize upon restart of 128T.

  • I95-36879 Firewalld zone will not be created for management over forwarding interfaces that are configured with a VLAN.

  • I95-36891 Exception thrown in PCLI when CMD+right arrow jumping past the end of an auto complete command.

  • I95-36927 Race condition can cause a fault in the highway process during session setup and configuration change removes BGP service route path

  • I95-37006 Peer path establishment may fail for waypoint interfaces that use DHCP (e.g., LTE) when upgrading from 4.4.x.

  • I95-37021, I95-37026 Configuring overlapping session-types could cause the highway process to ignore the configuration change.

  • I95-37042 128T process prank journal logs were incorrectly excluded from output of save tech-support-info.

  • I95-37106 Initiating a download on an HA router may silently be ignored on one of the nodes if it was in "connected" state.

  • I95-37131 Unable to perform SNMP query for table indices on 128T OIDs.

  • I95-37168 Race condition can cause system fault when creating candidate configuration.

  • I95-37217 Reverse metadata was not being updated properly when the service routes were of type next-peer, resulting in an inability to recover sessions upon node failover.

  • I95-37220 128T deployed behind a NAT may fail to recover a session after a node failure.

  • I95-37226 Output of show network-interface on non-active HA node may result in empty address for interfaces.

Release 4.5.0

New Features and Improvements

  • I95-23898 Improved feedback on PCLI when invalid arguments are provided to a command

  • I95-28366 Greatly reduced memory consumption of PCLI, allowing many more concurrent users

  • I95-33174 Automatic LTE band management per carrier

  • I95-33351 Optimizations in FIB data structure allow for 20% additional entries

  • I95-33375 Address latest security vulnerabilities

Issues Fixed

  • I95-32594 Validation allows for mismatched adjacency security-policy with peer network-interface security-policy for cases where multiple network interfaces in a router have the same IP Address. Only the first one is considered for matching inter-router-security policy between the network interface and peer adjacency.

  • I95-33313 Add units to show device-interface output.

  • I95-34112 Rename show config events -> show events config.

  • I95-33594 Changing the neighbor-as of an existing bgp neighbor prevents it from connecting.

    Until the system is upgraded to 4.5.0, this issue can be mitigated by restarting the 128T or by removing and recreating the bgp configuration.

  • I95-35193 Performing a download of software may fail. Conditions 128T connection to the conductor is disconnected or restarted.

  • I95-35391 Selecting a specific line within a custom report graph does not always select the metric clicked.

  • I95-35793 Large responses from a DNS server may be rejected by 128. When this happens, FQDNs in the configuration remain unresolved. Conditions: The following log message can be seen:
    Jun 16 06:09:25.272 [DNS |DNSR] WARN (dnsManagerTP ) Failed to parse Ipv4Host (1) response for edge-global.plcm.vc: Message too long

  • I95-35799 When a dynamic route is removed that exactly matches the prefix of a configured service, the route is removed from the RIB but it may remain in the FIB and still be used for establishing new sessions.

  • I95-35873,I95-35679 Asset stuck in a connected state as a result of a corrupted linux rpmdb. The issue requires the system be updated to the 128T-installer version 2.6.1 (see IN-267. If the conductor is used to upgrade systems, the latest installer will be updated from the repository being used. If the systems do not have access to the 128T public repositories, the repository being used should be updated with the 128T-installer 2.6.1 version. With the correction of this issue, the PCLI command send command yum-cache-refresh has been updated to perform the rpmdb repair if the rpmdb is corrupted.

    Until the system is upgraded to 128T 4.5.0 and 128T-installer 2.6.1, the issue can be mitigated by running the following linux commands:

    rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__*
    rpm --rebuilddb

  • I95-35935 Configuring the same value for router > conductor-address on different routers will generate invalid configuration.

  • I95-36012 show device-interface displays incorrect values for speed and duplex for LTE interfaces.

  • I95-36109 Sessions may not reestablish properly on a fail-over between different routers to the same destination router (e.g., Session originates on R1 to R2. Later, the same session fails over to traverse R3 to R2.)

  • I95-36146 Non-PCLI commands, such as pagination responses, are incorrectly stored in command history.

  • I95-36283 The 128T router asset state is stuck on its current state. Conditions: The following log message can be seen:
    TypeError: heap argument must be a list
    Until the system is upgraded to 4.5.0, this issue can be mitigated by restarting the salt-minion service by executing systemctl restart salt-minion on the Linux shell. If not manually restarted, the salt-minion watchdog will also restart the salt-minion after one hour.

  • I95-36356 Loading a configuration that changes the BGP graceful-restart restart-time may cause a highway process crash if a subsequent graceful-restart timeout occurs.

Special Considerations

  • I95-33004 RoadRunner Removed The RoadRunner process collected anonymous information from the router and sent it to 128 Technology for storage and analysis. This helped inform and allows 128 Technology to support and improve the 128 Networking Platform. The anonymous data collection tool RoadRunner has been removed from the product.

  • I95-35629 The threshold for broadcast announcement for concurrent PCLI sessions has been increased from 4 to 10 as a result of I95-28366.

  • I95-36525 TLS 1.0 is no longer supported.


  • I95-34941 nodejs process can segfault during the upgrade of the 128T.

    Corrective Action: No action required. The webserver will immediately restart.

  • I95-33560 When upgrading a HA conductor to version 4.4.0 or later there is a compatibility issue due to an upgrade of the asset provisioning software. This results in a reported asset error that will persist until the two nodes are upgraded to the same version.

    Symptom: This error is seen during the upgrade of an HA conductor pair to version 4.4.0 or later. An upgrade of a single standalone conductor node will not see this error. The following error will be reported by the node running software version earlier than 4.4.0:

    "128T highstate: ["Rendering SLS '128T:reverse_ssh' failed: Jinja variable 'dict object' has no attribute 'iteritems'"]"

    This error can be viewed by running the following PCLI command from either node: show assets <asset-id>. Where asset-id is the asset-id of the node running pre 4.4.0 version that has not yet been upgraded.

    Corrective Action: This error is transient and will only persist for the duration of the upgrade. The error will not self-correct. Continue to upgrade the second conductor node. After upgrade, verify that there are no asset state errors.

  • I95-37687 PCLI configuration change flag '*' may persist in the active pcli session after a configuration commit operation

    Corrective Action: exiting and entering the PCLI after a commit will remove the flag.

  • I95-37752 A race condition exists wherein if a session is manually deleted through the delete sessions PCLI command, interim IPFIX record generation or HA session synchronization may cause the highway process to fault.
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