128T Networking Platform

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The 128T Networking Platform is an innovative software router, built around the services that matter.

Deliver your sessions tunnel-free with Secure Vector Routing. Segment and secure your endpoints with Network Tenancy. Automate using the APIs of a routing platform developed with modern software. The 128T Docs Repository is your guide to optimizing the 128T Networking Platform's features and capabilities.

Get started now building services using the 128T - the router that understands services.

128T Networking Platform


Software Releases, policies, and contribution guidelines

Getting Started

Install and set up your 128T


128T architecture concepts and components


Manage 128T software lifecycle and configuration


Understand alarms and events generated by 128T

Best Practices

Recommended guides and design patterns

CLI Reference

Settings and functionality of the 128T CLI


Extend 128T functionality with plugins


Automate and integrate with the 128T APIs