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Creating a Bootable USB from ISO


Juniper Networks distributes the SSR software in a number of forms for different environments. Of those asset types, the ISO is most commonly used to stage a system that does not have an operating system, or if the system is being repurposed as an SSR system. The goal of this guide is produce a bootable USB drive from an SSR ISO.

For small deployments or a proof of concept, each ISO image can be loaded on to a bootable USB to install the operating system and SSR software.

Creating a Bootable ISO: Linux, MacOS and Windows

Creating a bootable ISO from Linux, Windows or MacOS is straightforward. The best way to get started is with a tool that makes creating bootable USBs easy for any platform.

  1. Download and install Etcher for your platform.

  2. Download the SSR ISO for the software version to be loaded onto the USB. Use the download instructions.

  3. Launch Etcher. Select the ISO as the source from step 2. Select ISO

  4. Select the target USB device attached to the system. Select Target

  5. Click Flash! to get started. Click Flash!

  6. Wait for the USB to be flashed with the image. Waiting

  7. Once the image has been flashed, the contents will be validated against the source. Validating

  8. Once validated, eject the USB drive. Complete

  9. After you have created the bootable ISO, follow the instructions for installing from bootable media.