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Release 5.2.0

Release Date: May 10, 2021

New Features and Improvements

  • I95-61 Service Health Learning and Fault Avoidance: In-path metrics and heuristics are now able to be used for server reachability and to determine network health. See Service Health Learning for more information.

  • I95-17681 Pre- and Post-Login Banners: Pre- and post-login banners can be configured by selecting Configuration, clicking on the Authority tile, and scrolling down to the Web Messages field.

  • I95-21631 Customized Tables: Support has been added for user customizable tables in the Custom Reports view of the GUI. Tables can have multiple metrics and display sum, average, min or max values across the selected time range.

  • I95-33451 Support Persistence for In-Memory Metrics: Metrics intended for persistence can be configured as part of a Metrics Profile. Profiles are configured at the Authority level and referenced by the relevant routers. Each Profile specifies a number of metrics and the desired parameter filters.

  • I95-36657 Improve Packet throughput of KNI-based Interfaces: KNI buffer performance has been enhanced to handle large bursts of traffic.

  • I95-37296 Native 128T Support for GRE: Native support (non-plugin) is availble for GRE Tunneling, providing better performance. For more information, see Native GRE Tunnels.

  • I95-37459 Show Commands for Services: The show fib and show fib lookup commands have been enhanced to provide more granular path-related debugging.

  • I95-37510 AppID Modules can be run as systemd units: Added support for module execution as a systemd unit in addition to the existing script-based method, and the use of REST APIs to propagate module registrations and results.

  • I95-38081 Automatic generation of MSS Value: The network-interface configuration object now has an automatic option for the enforced-mss value. This automatically calculates the MSS of the network interface from the interface session MTU.

  • I95-39336 Best Path Criteria: The service-policy has been enhanced to include values that allow the router to select the best path based on the current latency/MOS values of the paths.

Resolved Issues

  • I95-37101 PCLI Updates for show stats since command: The PCLI notes inconsistencies in data between current values and historical ones to indicate when the data may not be accurate.

  • I95-38510 Security mismatch on HA nodes dropping internode traffic: Resolved an issue where dynamically reconfiguring inter-node-security may cause all internode traffic to be dropped.

  • I95-39477 Configuration validation failure when conductor non-forwarding fabric interfaces are configured in different subnets: Updated to display a warning to the user to correct the issue, rather than failing.

  • I95-39811 Office365 module not including TCP and UDP ports: Resolved an issue where the AppID module was not including port and protocol data.

  • I95-39817 General CPU Stats not showing in Conductor UI after upgrade: Resolved an issue where stats were not captured.

  • I95-39854 Management over Forwarding not bringing up Eth0 on shutdown: Resolved an issue preventing devices from unbinding cleanly.

  • I95-39883 Use String Name for Protocol: Resolved an issue where the protocol was displaying as a number instead of a name.

  • I95-39953 Spike in IPFIX records: Resolved a race condition causing a collector to enter an infinite loop.

  • I95-39982 module registration removal not refreshing services: App-ID services now refresh correctly.

  • I95-40036 Attempting to save Configurations that are too large: The Data Manager logs an error when a configuration to be saved is larger than the buffer.

  • I95-40060 show session captures not displaying active captures: Updated the query argument to correctly display session captures for all services.

  • I95-40208 Quickstart not setting the minion_id to the hardware identifier when the value is blank: Previously, if the Quickstart configuration did not have a value for the minion_id, the minion_id would not be set to the hardware identifier. This has been corrected in the 128T-5.2.0-1.el7.OTP.v2.x86_64.iso ISO.


  • I95-26627 Prevent static route interface next hops with the same global ID: In HA configurations with a shared interface, only one node in the pair should be configured as a static route next hop. Othrewise, deleting the shared interface from one node will also cause the static route to be deleted.
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