128T IPSEC Client Plugin 2.0 Release Notes

Special Considerations

This version of the plugin is compatible with any 128T version less than 4.5 and greater than or equal to 4.3.

Release 2.0.4

Issues Fixed

  • PLUGIN-384 Added an MTU configuration option to the ipsec profile.
  • PLUGIN-333 The plugin-network ip prefix setting in the configuration was ignored and would instead use the default ip prefix setting.
  • PLUGIN-336 Using the vector-name configuration option would generate invalid configuration.
  • PLUGIN-400 Added a local subnet configuration option and enhanced the remote subnet configuration option to allow a list of values.

Release 2.0.1

Issues Fixed

  • PLUGIN-47 Created generic ipsec client plugin to provide connectivity to remote ipsec endpoints. This version supports a single client with up to two remote endpoints.
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